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Driver with Ebola team severely injured by mob 2019-06-24 18:50:51A driver working with an Ebola response team is in critical condition after angry crowds hurled rocks at him and set the vehicle on fire

Trump signs order that aims to reveal real 2019-06-24 18:50:12Trump calls for hospitals to disclose upfront actual prices for common tests and procedures

Suit: Generic drug makers used code to fix 2019-06-24 18:32:11Representatives from some of the nation's largest generic drug manufacturers used code words to collude with competitors to divvy up market share and

The Latest: Missouri abortion clinic license fight continues 2019-06-24 16:31:23A St. Louis Planned Parenthood clinic is taking a battle over its license to perform abortions to a state panel

Walgreens to provide drug disposal packets free to 2019-06-24 16:20:22Walgreens is now providing a free way to help customers dispose of unused drugs at each of its more than 9,500 U.S. locations

Missouri judge allows abortions to continue, for now 2019-06-24 15:50:42A Missouri judge says the state's lone abortion clinic can continue performing abortions, at least in the near future

Supreme Court to review insurers' Obamacare claims for 2019-06-24 11:09:41The Supreme Court will decide whether insurance companies can collect $12 billion from the federal government to cover their losses in the early years

Death toll in Indian encephalitis outbreak rises to 2019-06-24 09:40:28Authorities say 152 children have now died in an encephalitis outbreak this month in India's eastern state of Bihar

France may let lesbian couples use in-vitro fertilization 2019-06-23 19:21:56The French government is drafting legislation to give single women and lesbian couples access to assisted reproduction in France instead of having to

Nebraska slowly rolls out voter-approved Medicaid expansion 2019-06-23 13:40:20Nebraska officials are laying the groundwork for the state's voter-approved Medicaid expansion program, but many people who will eventually qualify n

2020 Democrats strongly defend abortion rights at forum 2019-06-22 21:31:13Event sponsored by Planned Parenthood Action Fund was centered on abortion.

'Michael Jackson drug' still prompts curiosity from patients 2019-06-22 14:48:16The drug that killed Michael Jackson 10 years ago remains the most widely used anesthetic in U.S. hospitals

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Arsenic in Bottled Water Prompts a Product Removal: 2019-06-24 18:36:43Consumer advocates support more consistent oversight of the bottled-water industry and say it should be regulated similarly to tap water.

Helping Students With Test Anxiety 2019-06-24 18:25:10Parents and teachers can use the time leading up to the test to help minimize children’s fears.

A Boy Who Had Spinal Surgery in the 2019-06-24 18:14:01Operating before birth can minimize nerve damage caused by severe defects in tissue around the spinal column.

Supreme Court to Hear Insurers’ Suit on Obamacare 2019-06-24 15:26:58Insurance companies say they are owed some $12 billion promised to them in “risk corridor” provisions of the Affordable Care Act.

Drug Companies Are Focusing on the Poor After 2019-06-24 14:33:21The pharmaceutical industry once sued to keep AIDS drugs from dying Africans. Now companies boast of their efforts to get medicines to the developing

About the Idea That You’re Growing Horns From 2019-06-24 14:30:14Neck strain and bone spurs are certainly possible from poor posture, but some experts doubt that cellphones are the only culprit.

When My Mother Forgot Me 2019-06-24 11:55:12It seems too obvious to say that our mothers are our mirrors, but it’s not just that we see ourselves in them; we also see ourselves in how they

Would You Return This Lost Wallet? 2019-06-24 10:35:46An intriguing new study found that people across the world are more inclined to give back a lost wallet if there is money inside.

For Vitiligo Patients, New Treatments Offer Hope 2019-06-24 05:30:59“We now have a much better understanding of the immunological pathways involved in vitiligo, which is providing insight on how to target and tre

Veterans Agency to Offer New Depression Drug, Despite 2019-06-23 23:39:19The agency is struggling to contain rising rates of suicide among veterans.

The ‘Euphoria’ Teenagers Are Wild. But Most Real 2019-06-23 22:44:50Kids these days are the “cautious generation,” the evidence shows.

U.K. Court Says Mentally Disabled Woman Must Have 2019-06-23 17:45:50A judge called her decision “heartbreaking,” but in the best interest of the woman, who is 22 weeks pregnant.

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Elite Athletes' Gut Bacteria Give Rodent Runners a 2019-06-24 13:30:00The chemical these bacteria produce appears to enhance athleticism -- Read more on ScientificAmerican.com

The U.S. Needs to Tighten Vaccination Mandates 2019-06-24 13:00:00Existing religious and philosophical exemptions endanger public health -- Read more on ScientificAmerican.com

Cancer Prevention Should Start before Birth 2019-06-24 12:00:00We can now identify risk factors that seem to affect a developing fetus -- Read more on ScientificAmerican.com

Virtual Reality Might Be the Next Big Thing 2019-06-24 07:00:00The technology holds vast potential for insights into the workings of human brains -- Read more on ScientificAmerican.com

Meet the Eye Microbiome 2019-06-23 08:00:00Bacteria live on our eyeballs, and understanding their role could help treat common eye diseases -- Read more on ScientificAmerican.com

Is BMI an Accurate Way to Measure Body 2019-06-22 10:00:00As widespread as the BMI method of body measurement is, the ever-growing consensus is that this one-size-fits-all approach may be flawed -- Read more

Antiperspirant Boosts Armpit and Toe-Web Microbial Diversity 2019-06-21 20:00:00Rather than wiping microbes out, antiperspirants and foot powders increased the diversity of microbial flora in armpits and between toes. Christopher

The Biggest Health Problem: Obesity 2019-06-21 11:00:00A sugary beverage tax is just a start, but it exemplifies the population-wide approach we need -- Read more on ScientificAmerican.com

Biothreats, Real and Imagined 2019-06-21 07:00:00We have more to fear from natural pathogens than from biological weapons -- Read more on ScientificAmerican.com

Are Omega-3 Eggs as Good as Eating Fish? 2019-06-20 11:30:00Fish are high in omega-3 fatty acids. But what if you can't eat seafood? Can omega-3 enriched eggs or peanut butter provide the same health benefits?

"Flesh Eating" Bacteria May Be Spreading to Beaches 2019-06-18 15:00:00The bacteria, which normally live in warmer waters, have caused infections in waters near Delaware and New Jersey -- Read more on ScientificAmerican.c

How Does Insulin Work in Our Bodies? 2019-06-17 16:00:00What is insulin and how do our bodies use it? -- Read more on ScientificAmerican.com

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Young Female Smokers at Especially High Heart Risk New! 2019-06-26 03:00:00Title: Young Female Smokers at Especially High Heart RiskCategory: Health NewsCreated: 6/24/2019 12:00:00 AMLast Editorial Review: 6/25/2019 12:00:00

Widely Prescribed Class of Meds Might Raise Dementia New! 2019-06-26 03:00:00Title: Widely Prescribed Class of Meds Might Raise Dementia RiskCategory: Health NewsCreated: 6/24/2019 12:00:00 AMLast Editorial Review: 6/25/2019 12

Could 3-D Mammograms Soon Be the Standard for New! 2019-06-26 03:00:00Title: Could 3-D Mammograms Soon Be the Standard for Breast Cancer Screening?Category: Health NewsCreated: 6/24/2019 12:00:00 AMLast Editorial Review:

'Secret Shopper' Study Shows How Easily Teens Can New! 2019-06-26 03:00:00Title: 'Secret Shopper' Study Shows How Easily Teens Can Buy E-CigsCategory: Health NewsCreated: 6/24/2019 12:00:00 AMLast Editorial Review: 6/25/20

Thanks for the Stinky Memories: Scientists Say Bad New! 2019-06-26 03:00:00Title: Thanks for the Stinky Memories: Scientists Say Bad Smells Boost RecallCategory: Health NewsCreated: 6/24/2019 12:00:00 AMLast Editorial Review:

The Right Gut Bacteria May Give Athletes an New! 2019-06-26 03:00:00Title: The Right Gut Bacteria May Give Athletes an EdgeCategory: Health NewsCreated: 6/24/2019 12:00:00 AMLast Editorial Review: 6/25/2019 12:00:00 AM

AHA News: Half of U.S. Adults Should Monitor New! 2019-06-26 03:00:00Title: AHA News: Half of U.S. Adults Should Monitor Blood Pressure at Home, Study SaysCategory: Health NewsCreated: 6/24/2019 12:00:00 AMLast Editoria

Health Tip: Treating a Dog Bite New! 2019-06-26 03:00:00Title: Health Tip: Treating a Dog BiteCategory: Health NewsCreated: 6/25/2019 12:00:00 AMLast Editorial Review: 6/25/2019 12:00:00 AM

Healthy Work Lunches Are Hard to Come By New! 2019-06-26 03:00:00Title: Healthy Work Lunches Are Hard to Come ByCategory: Health NewsCreated: 6/25/2019 12:00:00 AMLast Editorial Review: 6/25/2019 12:00:00 AM

Brand Castle Cookie and Brownie Mixes Recalled New! 2019-06-26 03:00:00Title: Brand Castle Cookie and Brownie Mixes RecalledCategory: Health NewsCreated: 6/24/2019 12:00:00 AMLast Editorial Review: 6/25/2019 12:00:00 AM

Is Your Child Depressed or Suicidal? Here Are New! 2019-06-26 03:00:00Title: Is Your Child Depressed or Suicidal? Here Are the Warning SignsCategory: Health NewsCreated: 6/25/2019 12:00:00 AMLast Editorial Review: 6/25/2

Coffee Might Be Your Go-to Brew for Weight New! 2019-06-26 03:00:00Title: Coffee Might Be Your Go-to Brew for Weight LossCategory: Health NewsCreated: 6/24/2019 12:00:00 AMLast Editorial Review: 6/25/2019 12:00:00 AM

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Over half employees eat unhealthy at work, study 2019-06-25 11:05:40 Employees aren't eating nutritious lunches at work, but many are looking for better options, new research shows.

CDC: U.S. measles cases climb to 1,077 2019-06-24 16:29:00 Measles cases continue to pile up in the United States, as the nation has now reached 1,077 cases, which are spread through 28 states, according to t

Commonly prescribed anticholinergic drugs linked to dementia risk 2019-06-24 15:54:02 A widely used group of drugs -- anticholinergics -- used for everything from depression to allergies and gastrointestinal conditions to Parkinson's

Doctor raises concerns over summer football workouts in 2019-06-24 13:48:37 Summer can be deadly for football players who are preparing for the upcoming season in June and July and then often start practice in August.

Veterans with PTSD twice as likely to die 2019-06-24 12:40:56 For many veterans, life in combat is hard, but for those who survive it, the mental stress of war can be deadly, new research shows.

Device detects deadly surgical bleeding earlier, study shows 2019-06-24 09:28:33 Researchers have developed a new device that could help save lives by picking up internal bleeding earlier during surgery, new research shows.

FDA approves Vyleesi, drug to treat low sexual 2019-06-21 19:42:14 The U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Friday gave its approval to Vyleesi, a drug to treat women with low sexual desire.

Changes to pharmacy benefit manager role could help 2019-06-21 17:10:53 When Ohio switched its government health coverage program from a fee-for-service model to one of managed care in 2011, it began saving $145 million e

Processed foods may lead to autism, study says 2019-06-21 16:06:20 The consumption of processed food by pregnant women may be linked to autism, new research shows.

World Trade Center dust linked to prostate cancer 2019-06-21 13:00:46 Dust from the World Trade Center in New York, which contained metals and organic compounds, may have triggered chronic inflammation and played a role

Bariatric surgery can significantly reduce medical costs, study 2019-06-21 10:57:28 People with severe obesity had their diabetes medication costs cut by 65 percent between three to six months following weight loss surgery.

Squeezing blood vessels may lead to Alzheimer’s cognitive 2019-06-20 16:30:21 The constriction of cells surrounding blood vessels may cause decreased blood flow to the brain, which has already been linked to Alzheimer's diseas

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Philadelphia Flyers mascot surprises 7-year-old superfan who requested 2019-06-25 13:01:04Gritty, the wild-eyed mascot for the Philadelphia Flyers hockey team, surprised a 7-year-old fan who had requested a customized prosthetic leg fe

'Tan Mom' says 'whole body died' during recent 2019-06-25 12:46:13“It was so sad.”

Bangladeshi 'Tree Man' begs for hands to be 2019-06-25 09:45:32A Bangladeshi man who gained worldwide recognition as the “Tree Man” because of bark-like growths warping his hands and fingers has report

Snake massages are a thing, but enjoy at 2019-06-25 09:20:42Looking for a powerful thrill?

John's Crazy Socks co-founder becomes 1st person with 2019-06-24 22:08:08John Cronin, 23, co-founder and Chief Happiness Officer of John’s Crazy Socks just won an Entrepreneur Of The Year award and celebrated his huge

'Dead for 20 minutes': Michigan man brought back 2019-06-24 14:15:58A Michigan man is lucky to be alive, especially considering he was dead for 20 minutes before several shocks to his heart jolted him back to life.

NBA Legend Dikembe Mutombo records Ebola messages to 2019-06-24 13:09:55Unable to send disease fighters to help battle one of the deadliest Ebola outbreaks in history, U.S. health officials are turning to basketball hall o

Teen’s brain tumors allegedly misdiagnosed as ‘anorexia’ 2019-06-24 11:35:29A U.K. teen who allegedly was diagnosed with anorexia after she went to her doctor numerous times for complaints of unexplained weight loss, vision is

Colorado girl, 7, diagnosed with rare tick paralysis 2019-06-24 10:38:40A Colorado mother is sharing her daughter’s health scare in hopes of helping other parents stay vigilant about tick-related illnesses.

Formula sold at Walmart recalled after complaint about 2019-06-24 09:31:03A formula company has issued a voluntary recall for a product sold in Walmart locations nationwide after it received a consumer complaint about metal

Jerusalem syndrome: Spiritual experience or psychiatric condition? 2019-06-23 05:00:25Jerusalem locals know they’re surrounded by historical and religious monuments every day.

Single mom with terminal cancer makes heartbreaking summer 2019-06-22 12:33:02The 38-year-old woman was diagnosed with terminal cancer earlier this year and told she had less than a year left to live.

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