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21st of July 2018

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Your Daily Horoscope for June 20 , 2018  

You will probably feel in a rather possessive mood today. Whether that’s with money and possessions or with your partner or friends will depend on your general outlook in life. But one thing is certain, you need to chill. Taking up some activity that requires a lot of concentration will help distract you from feeling irritable.   

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About Today: June 20 , 2018   Celebrities born on: June 20 Nicole Kidman, Lionel Richie, Brian Wilson, John Mahoney, Anne Murray, John Goodman, Cyndi Lauper, Chet Atkins, Danny Aiello  -->  Search Celebrity Index

Celebrity Astro Gossip: The world of rap is over saturated with acts, but for a small number there are serious fortunes to be made. Dr Dre has shown that the business acumen that is pointed at in his astrological chart and looks set to be rap’s first billionaire. The planets indicate that he may be about to branch out into yet another business area!

For those of us born on: June 20 Happy Birthday! The months ahead are likely to start with flashes of intuition guiding you in the right direction at work or school, which could have a positive effect on your finances. If you’re overcome with a feeling of bashing your head against a brick wall in October then ride it out, because the run-up to Christmas looks rewarding in terms of work-related matters; in terms of romance, and in terms of family matters. February is looking especially good, with the focus back on romance. You’ll be sizzling and ready for anything, but don’t allow your sense of vanity to get in the way. By the end of the twelve months travel is likely to feature as the traveling bug bites you hard!

Today's Health & Diet Tip:Yogurt is a good source of probiotics "good bacteria" which seem to help prevent and treat stress induced gastrointestinal problems.Today's Stress Buster:Knowing your limits is crucial to emotional success in life. This means understanding your many different comfort zones and expressing them to key people!Today's Meditation:Opportunities are usually disguised by hard work, so most people don't recognize them. -- Ann LandersToday's Wisdom from around the World:After victory, tighten your helmet chord. Japanese Proverb

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