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25th of February 2018

Moral Values

Veritatis Gaudium - Francis' latest "Apostolic" Constitution

Print Friendly, PDF & Email Caution, another “joy” document… Antipope Francis “Apostolic Constitution” Veritatis Gaudiumon Ecclesiastical Universities and Faculties December 27, 2017

[LAST UPDATED 30-JAN-2018 17:48 UTC]

The Vatican has released yet another monster of a document: Veritatis Gaudium (“The Joy of Truth”). In its English version, the thing has 22,862 words in 56 pages. It contains four major sections that include a total of 70 articles, features two appendices, and has 113 footnotes.

Not surprisingly, this supposed “Apostolic Constitution” once again features a Latin word meaning “joy” in its title. This time, it’s gaudium again, a Novus Ordo favorite (think Gaudium et Spes and Evangelii Gaudium, for example, and John XXIII’s address that opened Vatican II, Gaudet Mater Ecclesia). The last major document was entitled Amoris Laetitia (“The Joy of Love”), and everyone is still reeling from the joy of that.

The Vatican has made the text of Veritatis Gaudium available in sundry languages, of which we make the following two available via links:

The document is officially dated Dec. 27, 2017, but it was not actually published by the Vatican until Jan. 29, 2018. Vatican News has released video of its press conference presenting the document, currently available only in Italian (we will include an English version here once it appears):

[embedded content]

The following is a list of links with coverage, summaries, and commentary on Veritatis Gaudium by various Novus Ordo news sites:

We have run the text of Veritatis Gaudium through a word cloud generator, which counts how many times each word appears in a document. The more frequent the appearance, the larger the resulting word. The word cloud for Veritatis Gaudium looks like this:

(click image to enlarge)

Episode 045 of our mini podcast show TRADCAST EXPRESS also talks about Veritatis Gaudium. We have embedded the 9-minute audio here:

For more information about the man who falsely claims to be the Pope of the Catholic Church (“Pope Francis”), please see our topical page here.

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