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22nd of April 2018


World Geography Spelling Showdown: Answers and Winners!

Whew. That was a little bit tricky! We know because at some point, after having checked the quiz an umpteenth time, even the wrong answers started looking right to us. But a good number of you aced it, and fairly quickly, too. Yay for world spelling!

  Here are the stats, answers, and winners.


2,094 people took the quiz. 615 people scored 100%! The question most people (just about 98%) got right was…#14! The question most people missed (62% got it right) was…#11.


Q.3This is one of the largest cities in Brazil.✓ Rio de Janeiro • Rio de Janiero   Q.4Speaking of Brazil, this nation lies just north of it. • Suranam✓ Suriname   Q.5This is the capital city of Canada. • Ottowa✓ Ottawa   Q.6This is one of Australia’s largest cities. • Sidney✓ Sydney   Q.7This country is in Southeast Asia.✓ Philippines • Phillippines   Q.8Lisbon is the capital of this country. • Portugual✓ Portugal   Q.9A region of the world with more than 700 islands.✓ Caribbean • Carribean   Q.10This is a North African country. • Morroco✓ Morocco   Q.11This is the largest city in Malaysia.✓ Kuala Lumpur • Kuala Lampur   Q.12This is a relatively small country in northwestern Europe. • Louxemburg✓ Luxembourg   Q.13This is a South American country.✓ Uruguay • Uraguay   Q.14This is the capital of South Korea.✓ Seoul • Soeul   Q.15This is an island nation in the Pacific. • Kirbati✓ Kiribati   Q.16This city is the capital of Serbia.✓ Belgrade • Belgrad   Q.17This sea separates Europe from Africa. • Mediterrenean Sea✓ Mediterranean Sea   Q.18This British territory lies on the south coast of Spain. • Gibralter✓ Gibraltar   Q.19A assassination in this city eventually led to World War I.✓ Sarajevo • Sarejevo   Q.20This Balkan nation lies northwest of Turkey. • Bulgeria✓ Bulgaria   Q.21This North African city lies on the Maghreb coast.✓ Tangier • Tangeir   Q.22This country was formerly known as Burma.✓ Myanmar • Mayanmar


The first place winner is…Tamara W. from Missouri! The second place winner is…Wanda H. from Washington! The third place winner is…Nancy W. from Indiana!

Congratulations, winners! Contact to claim your prizes!

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